Forever F.I.T.

What is Forever F.I.T.?
F.I.T. (Foundation. Inspiration. Transformation.) is an excellent nutritional, weight management and exercise plan designed to help transform lifestyles and create good habits for life. Nutrition plays a huge part in sports performance and weight management. Forever’s products are designed to provide your body with the fuel it needs to reach its full potential. Combining premium quality products with easy-to-follow information and guidance, the F.I.T. programme will help you look and feel better!

Is Forever F.I.T. a diet plan?
The word ‘diet’ is no longer a primary motivator, instead consumers are choosing weight management programmes that focus on balanced, nutritional meals and exercise plans as these provide a far more holistic approach to healthy living. This is exactly what the new Forever F.I.T. programme is all about.

Why choose Forever F.I.T.?
There are many components of Forever F.I.T. that make it unique when compared to other programmes including the use of quality products, the purity of Forever’s Aloe Vera Gel, nutritionally balanced recipes, easy to follow exercises and tailored programmes.

What are the components of the F.I.T. Programme?
Four easy to follow stages; C9, F15 Beginner, F15 Intermediate & F15 Advanced. C9 is a nine day calorie controlled diet and exercise plan including exercise ideas and delicious recipes. F15 is a 15 day regime designed to build on your fitness gradually in a way that is sustainable and achievable. The beauty of F15 is that the follower can tailor it around their level of fitness and lifestyle needs.

What is Vital5?
Vital 5 is part of the overall F.I.T. product family although it is does not directly link to the core nutrition and exercise plans as found in C9 and F15. Vital5 incorporates Forever’s cornerstone product, Aloe Vera Gel, with four synergistic supplements which will provide you with essential vitamins and nutrients; an ideal choice to integrate into your daily routine.

The Forever F.I.T. App
You can download the Forever FIT app for free in the Google & Apple stores. It has a variety of workouts for every fitness level that you can do from home. Whether you are a beginner or want something more advanced, there will be a workout for you!

How can I find out more?
The dedicated HealthE-Living F.I.T. Website at contains detailed information on each element of the F.I.T. Programme, including product booklets, recipes, calorie counters, workout videos, success stories and more. All products featured in the programme can also be purchased directly through the website and we are so confident in the products, that we offer a sixty-day money back guarantee if you are not completely satisfied. There is also a handy Choosing a Programme help sheet to assist in determining which element of the F.I.T programme might work best for you.

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