Online Application

If you are from the UK, you can join quickly and easily via an online application form. By default you will join by becoming an ‘Assistant Supervisor’ meaning you can buy products from Forever at wholesale prices (30% discount) and this additionally entitles you to a bonus rebate of 5% (excluding VAT) on every order you make. Even if you only buy the products for yourself, the bonus will always come to you.

As part of the application process you will purchase a ‘Start Your Journey Box’, a combination of the most popular product lines, at a reduced special price. In this way you receive a number of products from the range to try and you additionally have the right to introduce ‘Novus Customers’ entitling you to receive a further bonus of 5% on the RRP (excluding VAT) of all the products they buy from Forever.

Important! Please ensure that you use the details below when completing the online application…

The status of ‘Assistant Supervisor’ is the first step of the Forever Marketing Plan for those that want to build their own Forever Business. However there is still no obligation to become a fully-fledged Forever Business Owner and you can still legitimately join as ‘Assistant Supervisor’ to enable the purchase of products at wholesale prices.

Of course you have probably reached this stage because you feel the Forever Business Opportunity is something that you might want to pursue in which case you will be ready and set to do so!

If you are still unsure, have further questions or are having problems with the Online Application Form, leave your contact details below and I will get in touch.

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