ARGI+ has the backing of many world-class triathlon and endurance athletes:

Kristin Möller: 2013 Lanzarote Ironman Champion
“I trust in the power of ARGI+. During training for middle and long distance, regeneration plays a very important role. ARGI+ helps me do the next training sooner and more refreshed, even after hard training. ARGI+ is now an integral part of my training, competition and everyday life.”

Robert Förstemann: Bronze, Velodrome Team Sprint at the 2012 Olympics
“Thanks to ARGI + which has increased my mobilization and improved my ability to recover detectably”

Katherine Mueller: 2012 First Place ETU European Triathlon Cup
“I use ARGI+ as my regenerative supplement”

Guenther Weidlinger: 2011 Austria Half Marathon champion
“Since using ARGI+ I’ve seen a huge jump. ARGI + has enabled me to better performance.”

André Pollmächer: 2011 Germany Half Marathon champion
“ARGI + is absolutely fantastic, I drink it every day before my workout. I am able to regenerate quicker and relieve my pain in the feet”

Stefan Schmid: 2010 Ironman World Champion Hawaii
“Since ARGI+, I am recovering faster, I’m ill less often and feel more energetic. Also, an arginine product that actually tastes good!”

Of course you don’t need to be a world-class athlete to feel the benefits of ARGI+:

Paul (Runner & Cyclist)
“I just couldn’t stop myself from going faster!”
“I thoroughly enjoyed the last 30 miles”
“I didn’t feel as if I needed anything else to eat or drink”
“I often hit the wall at 60 but I didn’t feel fatigued like I usually do”

Following the Tour of Cambridgeshire Gran Fondo, Sunday 5th June 2016.

Melanie (Novice Triathlete)
“I could not have imagined when I arrived at the training camp what I would have achieved during the week ahead. I am convinced that it was ARGI+ that kept me going on those big mountain climbs – I have never done so much exercise in a week!”

Following RnR Tri-Camp, Messini, Greece, May 2016

Andrew (Swims, Bikes & Runs!)
“I can only assume that taking on ARGI+ from the halfway point (just after Tower Bridge) is what allowed me to continue at such a decent pace for the next 10 miles. Given I was in no way marathon fit, I was over the moon with my time of 3:02:58.”

Following the London Marathon, Sunday 24th April 2016.

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