Faces of Forever

Each and every Forever Business Owner has a unique story to tell; a story that captures different upbringings, different working backgrounds and different reasons as to why they are building a Forever business. Everyone has a different motivation and personal goals that drive them to succeed and it’s inspiring to see how people have overcome challenges, encouraged their team and put family first.

Forever Living launched Faces of Forever so that the stories of real people (people like you) could be shared to demonstrate just how amazing the Forever opportunity is and it is well worth a look, especially if you are unsure as to whether it could work for you.

Take a look at the videos below, just a few of the many ‘Faces of Forever’ and be inspired!

Natalie Valenti
It took a health scare for Natalie Valenti to reassess her priorities in life, but she’s now grateful that this allowed her to lay the foundations for an amazing future. What Forever Living delivered was much more than she could ever have wished for. Read more of Natalie’s story at flpuk.info/Focus

Martin was an IT consultant for 16 years, however during the recession he was made redundant a total of three times. He has gained stability through Forever, this has also allowed him to help under privileged children in the slums of Uganda. Read full story here flpuk.info/goodbyecorporateworld

Louise was a restaurant manager working long hours and weekends when she was introduced to the business by her best friend. Her Forever Living business has given her time freedom along with an income which exceeds her previous career. Read Louise’s story here flpuk.info/FoodForThought

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